Transaction Fee Rewards Distribution

Liquidity pool transactions (swaps) currently incur a 0.3% fee. Liquidity pool voters may receive additional revenue from the pools they support through KSP mining distribution rate voting. 50% of the transaction fees from the pools they support will be distributed to respective vKSP voters, and the other half will be distributed to the pool’s liquidity providers.

Pool voting and fee distribution will be carried out in accordance with the following policies:

  1. Voters can cast their votes (vKSP) across up to 10 liquidity pools. Voting power can only be exercised in whole numbers.

  2. 50% of transaction fees incurred in a pool are distributed to vKSP voters of that pool. Transaction fees incurred during the period of vKSP pool voting are distributed.

  3. The transaction fee that each voter receives is based on the proportion of their vKSP shares in the pool, i.e. the percentage of vKSPs/vKSPs voted in the pool.

  4. Fees accumulated without a pool vote are not subject to distribution.

  5. Transaction fees distributed for each pool can be freely claimed and received in wallets.

  6. If the voting volume changes due to voting/unvoting or loss of voting rights (KSP Staking expiration), any accumulated fee rewards will be automatically claimed and received in your wallet.