Staking Contract Expiration and Renewal

  1. At the end of a staking contract, you can unstake your KSP for a 7 day expiration period and receive it in your wallet. If you unstake within the 7 day period, corresponding voting power (vKSP) will be returned and your KSP can be withdrawn.

  2. If you unstake KSP while you are participating in a pool vote, your voting history will be fully reset due to the return of your voting power, and the amount of transaction fees distributed by the pool vote will be automatically claimed and sent to your wallet.

  3. Voting power and voting history held during the expiration period of the contract will be maintained.

  4. If unstaking is not done within the 7 day expiration period, staking is automatically renewed for the duration of the longest period of the previous contract (4/8/12 months) and the corresponding voting rights will be given. Contract auto-renewals cannot be undone.

  5. If additional staking has been done within the expiration period, the additional staked quantity + existing contracted quantity will be deemed to have been renewed from that date.

  6. Voting does not reduce the number of vKSP you have.

We explained above how KSP holders have decision-making authority over the transaction fee reward distribution and KSP distribution of KLAYswap through staking and voting.

In summary, KLAYswap’s incentive system is determined by individual participants in a completely decentralized form, and we expect that as participants pursue their own interests within KLAYswap, KLAYswap’s economy will expand.