이 컨트랙트를 통해 KLAYswap v2 풀에서 KLAYswap v3 풀로 유동성을 마이그레이션할 수 있습니다.


Github Link: (Will be updated after official launch)


Events, Read-Only Functions, and State-Changing Functions

Parameter Structs


struct MigrateParams {
    address pair; // the KLAYswap v2 pair
    uint256 liquidityToMigrate; // expected to be balanceOf(msg.sender)
    uint8 percentageToMigrate; // represented as a numerator over 100
    address token0;
    address token1;
    uint24 fee;
    int24 tickLower;
    int24 tickUpper;
    uint256 amount0Min; // must be discounted by percentageToMigrate
    uint256 amount1Min; // must be discounted by percentageToMigrate
    address recipient;
    uint256 deadline;
    bool refundAsETH;

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