Core Concept

We explain the core concepts of KLAYswap's smart contract structure, swap requests, and mining.

Smart Contract Structure

Types of contract:

  • Factory Smart Contract

  • Exchange Smart Contract

  • FactoryView Smart Contract

  • Governance Smart Contract

These contracts will be explained with detail later in the contract section of this book.

Swap Request

Positive Swap request

  • Request swap with input token amount

Negative Swap

  • Request swap with output token amount

Routing Swap

  • Swap through multiple pool exchanges.

About Mining


  • Total mined KSP amount


  • Mining reward Index for each liquidity pool.

mining rate

  • Mining rate for each pool. (1~100, total sum of pools mining rate will be 100)

Calculating Claimable amount

  • ( Current market index - last user index ) * ( user LP token amount )

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