V3 Deposit Guide

1. Under the [Deposit] menu at the top, click [Concentrated Pool (V3) Pair Deposit].

2. Select the asset pool to deposit from the pool list, and click [Deposit] to see the details page.

3. Set price range. There are 3 ways to adjust the price range.

① Drag the “minimum price bar” and the “maximum price bar”

② Enter the “Minimum price” and “Maximum price” in the “Set Price Range” section

③ Click the [+] button or the [-] button in the “Set Price Range” section


Users can also deposit quickly and conveniently by choosing one of the three price ranges (Spot, Wide, Full range) provided by KLAYswap V3 pair deposit.

4. Choose whether to deposit both assets or a single asset.


  • Two Asset Deposit (A+B): Pair deposit is available when the depositor owns both assets. After entering the quantity of one asset (A), the amount of the remaining pair of assets (B) will be calculated automatically.

  • Single Asset Deposit (A or B): Single deposit is a convenient way to deposit with a single type of asset. To ensure maximum stake for depositors, the smart contract automatically swaps at an optimal ratio To guarantee users' maximum stake, a certain percentage of Token A is swapped with Token B and deposited in an A + B Token pair.

  • The "max" button allows you to enter the maximum quantity.


If a deposit is made in an inactive price range(Out of range), rewards will not be distributed. In this case, depositors can only deposit using one of the pair tokens.

5. Enter the amount you wish to deposit once you have checked your token balance. If you are depositing in "Estimated Returns," you can check estimated information such as deposit range, stake, and daily rewards. When confirmed, click [Deposit].

The information displayed is based on real-time estimates, and changes may occur while depositing. It is highly recommended that users fully understand any changes that may arise during the deposit process.

+ When depositing a single asset, you will see a "Check Estimated Returns" pop-up after clicking [Deposit]. In this section, you can view each pool's exchange rate, swap fee, and transaction fee.

6. Click the [Deposit] button after you have reviewed the estimated returns of the concentrated pool deposit on the "Transaction Request" pop-up. Once you have confirmed the information, click your wallet's [Confirm] button.


If there is no history of trading the selected asset on KLAYswap, Token Approval Transactions will be conducted before a deposit is made into the V3 pool (first time only).

7. Upon completing the deposit, you can check the reward information (KSP, commission, cumulative profit) in the "You Earned" and "Management." Rewards are distributed in real-time based on real-time expected returns.


When the balance of "My Deposit" changes due to additional deposits or withdrawals, the wallet automatically receives the rewards (transaction fees, KSPs, airdrop tokens) distributed so far.

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