KLAYswap Advantages

KLAYswap has the advantages of reliability, sustainability, and scalability.


KLAYswap is having a security audit conducted by Certik, a globally renowned security audit agency. The KLAYswap protocol is comprised of and operates through a variety of smart contracts. A single, small vulnerability within a smart contract can lead to devastating accidents related to service availability and security. KLAYswap puts the safety of its users' transactions first, and is in the process of getting a security certification with Certik to assure safe protection against any possible security incidents in the near future.


KLAYswap is not a copycat of Uniswap, neither is it a simple fork. We’ve developed KLAYswap from the ground to make it go much further than just offering liquidity mining as Uniswap does. The structure itself assures substantial and significant trading volume centered on sKLAY and KLAY. In particular, since sKLAY is an asset bonded to a staked KLAY, there will be an interesting market where the demand for a 'discount' to avoid the 7-day unstaking period and the demand to purchase KLAY at a lower price than the market price will meet. Especially if one contributes to this sKLAY-KLAY pool, the possibilities are:

  1. Acquiring KSP Mining Tokens

  2. Obtaining KLAY from KLAYswap transaction fees, and,

  3. Holding sKLAY allows you to obtain KLAY staking compensation.

The guaranteed return on item (3) is not found in any other swap service and will enable the creation of more value while also addressing the sustainability issues of DeFi.


KLAYswap can deal with not only Klaytn-based tokens, but also with other network-based tokens by utilizing Orbit Chain's interoperability to meet the Klaytn Foundation's goal of addressing a wide range of real-life digital assets. Ethereum-based tokens (ETH, ORC, DAI, WBTC) can be transferred to the Klaytn ecosystem via Orbit Bridge.

In addition, the LP tokens given as supply vouchers to liquidity providers can generate profits on their own. They are enabled to be linked to other financial protocols and be exchanged among all stakeholders in the ecosystem. Klaytn can create innovative financial applications by utilizing the LP token. To sum up, KLAYswap is an important starting point to activate Klaytn's economic ecosystem with guaranteed scalability due to its injection of increased interoperability and asset efficiency.

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