V3 to V3 Migration Guide

1. Select [V3 Pair Deposit] from the [Deposit] menu at the top. To migrate, click [My Deposit] and then [Manage].

2. Click [Migration] on the V3 pair deposit detail page.

3. Set the price range for migration. There are 3 ways to adjust the price range.

① Drag the “minimum price bar” and the “maximum price bar”

② Enter the “Minimum price” and “Maximum price” in the “Set Price Range” section

③ Click the [+] button or the [-] button in the “Set Price Range” section

◆ Tips

Users can also deposit quickly and conveniently by choosing one of the three price ranges (Spot, Wide, Full range) provided by KLAYswap V3 pair deposit.

※ Notes

Pools out of range will not distribute rewards, and depositing only one asset of the pair is available.

4. When migrating in the "Estimated Returns" section, click the [Migration] button after checking information, such as the deposit range, exchange rate, stake rate, and daily compensation.

All displayed information is a real-time estimate; therefore, information changes may occur during migration. Therefore, users should fully understand the possible changes that may occur during migration before making a deposit.

5. Confirm the estimated information in the "Confirm Migration Details" pop-up, such as the amount to be withdrawn and the amount to be deposited after conversion, and then click [Next Step].

◆ Tips

  • Only one type of asset exists in the inactive pool, so when migrating or withdrawing, only one type of pair asset will be withdrawn.

  • Depositors cannot migrate to the same price range as their current deposit.

6. When you have approved the KLAYswap V3 LP NFT in the "Transaction Request" pop-up, click the [Confirm] button.

◆ Tip

NFTs represent ownership of the depositors' assets. Therefore depositors can receive transaction fee profits and reward tokens for as long as they deposit assets. When entirely withdrawing or migrating from a concentrated pool, the NFT will be automatically returned since it will no longer provide liquidity to the pool's corresponding price range.

7. Click the [Deposit] button after checking the estimated information on the V3 pool deposit in "Transaction Request." Once the information is confirmed, click [Confirm] in the wallet.

◆ Tips

If the balance changes due to migration or withdrawal, depositors will automatically receive transaction fees and KSP rewards in their wallets.

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