V3 Withdraw Guide

1. Click [Manage] of the pool you wish to withdraw from on the concentrated pool list page.

2. Click the [Withdraw] tab on the centralized pool detail page and drag the slider or click a button to select the amount (%) to withdraw.

3. When withdrawing from "You Get", click on [Withdraw] after checking the tokens and rewards (transaction fee profit, KSP, airdrop) that you will be receiving.

4. Click [Withdrawal] once you have checked the estimated information on the "Transaction Request" pop-up. Click the [Confirm] button in your wallet once you have confirmed the information.

◆ Tips

  • If your balance changes due to withdrawal, you will automatically receive transaction fees and KSP rewards in your wallet.

  • In the inactive pool, only one type of asset exists, so when withdrawing, only one type of pair asset is withdrawn.

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