KSP distribution ratio reflection policy

Aggregation of user pool votes.

  1. The number of user votes polled is calculated based on snapshots at 9 a.m. (KST) every day.

  2. When voting for a particular pair is completed, it can be withdrawn after the next snapshot point.

  3. In cases if a pair which previously belonged to the KSP rewarding pool has been moved to an un-rewarded pool or a relevant asset has been downgraded through KSP distribution withdrawal vote, withdrawal is available before the next snapshot point.

Aggregation of Buyback quantity

  1. Smart contracts automatically buy back KSP every hour by using transaction fees generated from each pair.

  2. KSP buyback quantity accumulated for 24 hours (9 a.m. every day to 9 a.m. the day after) for each pair gets confirmed as KSP buyback quantity per day, and burned once a day.

  3. KSP buyback quantities are aggregated by summing the quantities of 1st day (15%), 7th day (15%), and 30th day (20%).

  4. For recently created pairs, KSP buyback quantity aggregate criteria would not be met on the 7th and 30th due to the short period of pool existing period. In this case, KSP buyback quantity aggregated from the creation of the pair to the present would be the norm.

  • When the KSP buyback quantity by date of the pair, which has been 3 days after its formation, is as follows, the aggregate of KSP buyback quantity indexes on the 1st, 7th, and 30th are as follows.

  • The buybacks quantities by date.

  • Day 1st: 10 KSP/ 2nd: 10 KSP /3rd: 20 KSP

  • KSP buyback quantity indexes of pair for 1st/7th/30th day 1st day : 10 KSP / 7th day : 40KSP (10+10+20) / 30th day : 40KSP (10+10+20)

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