Token swaps are the simplest way to exchange various KIP7 tokens circulated on the Klaytn chain according to ratios of token pairs deposited in the pool.
If tokens are exchanged (transaction) through the pools in KLAYswap, a 0.3% transaction fee will be incurred, and the transaction fee incurred will be distributed as follows.
Pool types
Composition of fee distribution
KSP rewards pool
Buyback funds (50%) + Pool voters (50%)
General pool
Buyback funds (50%) + Liquidity providers (50%)
  • Half (0.15%) of the fees incurred in all pools are used as funds for KSP Buyback & Burn.
  • (In case of KSP rewarding pool) Distribute to the users who voted for the pool.
  • (in the case of a normal pool) Distribute to users who have deposited their assets in the pool.
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