V2 to V3 Migration Policy

Migration Policy

1) Migrating from V2 pair deposit (V2 pool) to V3 pair deposit (V3) usually involves the following steps:

Approve (asset approval) - withdraw asset from existing V2 pool - deposit asset into V3 pool.

2) In order to withdraw assets, you must have an LP NFT asset, corresponding to the deposit certificate, in your wallet and the NFT asset approval transaction must be completed. When a transaction is executed on the Klaytn chain, a fee is incurred. It is the wallet (key) owner's right to transfer the LP token asset; therefore, if the asset is transferred to another wallet, it cannot be withdrawn.

3) During the withdrawal process, the difference between the price at the time of deposit and withdrawal may result in asset loss. Due to balance changes, your wallet will automatically receive all rewards distributed up to that point (transaction fee profit, KSP, airdrop tokens, etc.).

4) Withdrawn assets are automatically deposited at an optimal rate based on the pool exchange rate of the price range the user selects by the smart contract.

5) Assets withdrawn from the V2 pool are deposited into the V3 pool at maximum, based on the price ratio selected by the user.

6) When depositing in a new V3 pool price range, deposits are only permitted within the transaction range (Slippage) set by the user, and if the range is exceeded, the deposit transaction may not proceed. Please proceed with the deposit after checking all related information in the estimated returns section at the bottom.

7) Some assets (wei) may remain after depositing to the V3 pool, and the remainder will be automatically returned to the user's wallet.

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