KSP is a key token that maintains the KLAYswap protocol ecosystem, and KSP rewards distributed through inflation are distributed to single, pair (existing/plus), and KSP stakers.‌

Use cases

Users are able to get KSP distribution rewards by depositing in pools, stakings, or transactions. And the use ranges of rewarded KSP are as follows.
  • Users can receive inflation compensation by using KSP for single/pair/plus deposit services.
  • Users can participate in KSP staking and receive KSP inflation compensation. Users can participate in the vote to determine the KSP distribution rate of the KSP rewarding pool.
  • KSP can be used for governance voting related to the protocol's agenda. (Scheduled to be updated)
  • KSP can be used to pay for creating a new pool (pair). (The cost of generating pool is incinerated)


Last modified 1yr ago