KSP Allocation

An explanation of the allocation structure of the KSP token.

This is a chart displaying the first 6 years of allocation. The daily mining volume is halved every 63,072,000 blocks (2 years).

  1. Total Supply: 126,144,000 KSP

  2. Initial Starting Supply *: 0 KSP

  3. Daily KSP Mining Volume **: 86,400 (1 KSP per block for the first 63,072,000 blocks (around 2 years))

  4. Halving ***: Every 63,072,000 blocks after the Liquidity Mining Program begins, the daily mining volume is halved.

  5. Development & Stabilization Commission ***: 15% of mined tokens, only for the first two years. (7.5% of the total supply)

* Setting the initial KSP supply at 0 ensures that initial users will have equal opportunity to freely grow and make systemic decisions. From the beginning, KSP is distributed only through liquidity mining in each Genesis block, and is distributed to KLAYswap liquidity providers as compensation.

** All KSP mined until block 48681371 will be locked-up (Initial supply until this point: 86,400 * 61 = 5,270,400 KSP) to stabilize governance and the early token economy. (Estimated time until block 48681371 is around 61 days)

** The first minableBlock is block 43407094 . The KSP mined during the period from this first minableBlock to the unfreezeBlock 48681371 , will be unlocked at block 48681371 .

*** This halving model was created with inspiration from the philosophy of Bitcoin. Keep in mind that 50% of the total supply will be issued during the first 2 years after launch.

**** The Development & Stabilization Commission is used by the developers in the initial stages of setting governance and optimizing the overall transaction environment of KLAYswap. It is not a separate allocation, and is wholly dependent on mining.

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