PlusPool Factory

This contract creates PlusPools and manages the state of each PlusPool.


Events, Read-Only Functions, and State-Changing Functions



event CreatePool(address tokenA, address tokenB, address lpToken, uint borrowFactor, uint liquidationFactor, bool borrowableA, bool borrowableB, address poolAddress, uint exid);
  • Event to create new PlusPool

  • Parameters

    • tokenA : A token address in LP

    • tokenB : B token address in LP

    • lpToken : address in LP

    • borrowFactor : Utilization cost interest rate of utilized assets

    • liquidationFactor : automatic return factor

    • borrowableA : Whether tokenA can be borrowable

    • borrowableB : Whether tokenB can be borrowable

    • poolAddress : PlusPool contract address of this pool

    • exid : PlusPool id


event SetDepositActive(address plusPoolAddress, bool b);
  • Event that occurs when PlusPool deposit availability is changed


event SetWithdrawActive(address plusPoolAddress, bool b);
  • Event that occurs when PlusPool withdrawal availability is changed

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