Drops is a platform where various Klaytn-based projects can use KLAYswap's user base and infrastructure to most effectively distribute initial token resources and successfully perform the entire process from distribution plan-execution-distribution to liquidity activation.

Projects can gain high attention and form a potential user pool by conducting airdrops for KSP stakers who are strong supporters of KLAYswap and KSP. Projects can use this as a growth engine for future liquidity inflow, and users who participate in KSP staking can obtain staking rewards as well as opportunities and additional rewards for participating in new projects earlier than anyone else.


  • Projects can build an initial token economy and distribute their tokens without any additional cost and resource

  • Projects can promote their own project contents in KLAYswap community and secure new holders through airdrop

  • Projects can create an initial liquidity and secure liquidity suppliers by effectively exposing their contents to existing KLAYswap users, and can interlock the liquidity with another project in the future

  • With technical support regarding smart contracts, Airdrop can be carried out transparently and safely

  • Mutual marketing can be conducted through consultation with KLAYswap

KSP holders

  • Users who participate in KSP staking can earn additional profits in addition to KSP rewards

  • Without having to search for multiple platforms where airdrops are held, KSP staking makes it easy to receive token airdrops distributed in Klaytn ecosystem

  • You can preempt various financial opportunities that new projects will provide


  • As more sound projects enter the KLAYswap ecosystem through Drops, the KLAYswap ecosystem will gradually expand, creating a virtuous cycle in which KLAYswap and projects who participate in Drops grow together. Users of KLAYswap can enjoy new financial opportunities provided by projects that can combine with the KSP token economy. Drops will contribute to a growth of KSP value and play an important role in the development of the KLAYswap ecosystem.

How to participate in Drops

Users participating in KSP staking are automatically eligible for airdrops for new projects supported by Drops. There is no necessary participation procedure other than KSP staking, and airdrop tokens are distributed based on the amount of vKSP held. Users who participate in KSP staking for a long time earn more vKSPs, so the Airdrop benefit also increases. The number of airdrop rewards distributed to KSP holders can be checked based on the snapshot at 9 a.m. every day, and compensation can be received at once after the end of the airdrop.

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Precautions when participating Drops

  • Airdrop will proceed with only one project for a certain period of time

  • Designated airdrop reward for each user is distributed based on a snapshot of the amount of vKSP that a user held after KSP staking.

  • Snapshots take place once a day at 9 a.m. (KST). (However, there may be delays in snapshot processing due to situations such as increased transaction congestion and computer system errors on the Klaytn chain, and in this case, vKSP snapshots are performed based on blocks at the time of recovery. Rewards are distributed according to the vKSP spotted based on the snapshot)

  • The 'Estimated airdrop rewards' of the ongoing AirDrop is the real-time estimated quantity calculated based on the user's vKSP quantity compared to the total amount of vKSP issued by the protocol at that time, which may not be the same as the quantity that users actually receive. The actual reward quantity is determined based on snapshots that proceed every morning

  • Distributed airdrop rewards for every user can be received at once after the airdrop event is over

  • Tokens provided as airdrop rewards are autonomously issued tokens on the Klaytn chain and do not go through separate screening, hence safety is not guaranteed.

  • Airdrop is carried out autonomously by project companies, and KLAYswap does not encourage the transaction or investment of a specific token

  • Rewards received from airdrop can be checked on the My Asset page, and if not displayed, users can check it by searching for the token contract address

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