Deposit XRP

Users can directly transfer the XRP held in centralized exchanges or personal wallets to the ' XRP Deposit Address' on the 'Assets' page of KLAYswap. It will be converted into Klaytn XRP (KXRP) and deposited so that users can supply XRP liquidity.

Once a transfer transaction is created and completed, it cannot be canceled due to the nature of blockchain. It is strongly recommended to check and test a small amount for the transfer transaction first before transferring the whole assets.

1. After connecting the wallet, go to the "Asset" menu and click the [Deposit to XRP] button.

2. After checking the XRP deposit address, enter the correct deposit address and destination tag to the withdrawal address on exchanges. * Users must enter both deposit and tag correctly for XRP. Any loss caused by incorrect/non-entered address and tag cannot be recovered.

3. Users can check the XRP balance in the asset list when the transaction is completed.

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