V2 to V3 Migration Guide

1. Choose the pool from which you will be migrating on the V2 Deposit Pool List page.

2. Choose either Spot, Wide and Full Range price ranges in the "Asset Migration" pop-up, then click [Next Step]. If the pop-up does not appear, click the [Concentrated Pool (V3 Migration)] button on the detail page of the deposited pool.

3. On the "Transaction Request" pop-up, check information such as the quantity of each pair asset to be deposited in the V3 pool, the current price, the price range, and the reward token, then click the [Deposit] button.

All displayed information is a real-time estimate; therefore, information changes may occur during migration. Therefore, users should fully understand the possible changes that may occur during migration before making a deposit.


  • Assets withdrawn from the V2 pool will be deposited at maximum in the V3 pool based on the user-selected V3 pool price range.

  • Some assets (wei) may remain after depositing to the V3 pool, and the remainder will be automatically returned to the user's wallet.

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